Austock Group is an ASX listed company that operates as a registered Pooled Development Fund (PDF) specialising in providing development capital to financial sector businesses. Its status as a PDF provides favourable tax benefits to the Group and its shareholders. For more information on the PDF Program, click here

Generation Life is one of the leading specialist issuer of insurance bonds. Its core LifeBuilder product offers investors an expansive investment menu and strategy-based avenues for incorporating “tax-paid” lump sums into financial plans to meet life-event objectives. These include education funding, home ownership and estate planning as an accessible alternative to superannuation.

Generation Life operates as a registered life insurance company under the Life Insurance Act 1995 and also holds an Australian Financial Services Licence under the Corporations Act. As an emerging financial products provider, the company’s business strategy is to use its life office structure to design, manufacture and distribute creative “tax-paid” investment products.

Austock Financial Services provides under an outsourcing agreement (which is supervised by Generation Life) administration services, including unit pricing, fund valuation, investment and fund accounting, fund administration and business registry services for Generation Life's LifeBuilder and ChildBuilder. It assumed responsibility for employing and managing the Sales and Distribution team.

Since the LifeBuilder’s inception in 2003, it has been administered by Austock Financial Services using the Garradin Portfolio Manager platform. This is a state-of-the-art funds management system with daily unit pricing, unit registry and general ledger functionality specifically tailored for insurance bond business.

Austock Financial Services also undertakes administrative services for two external clients, Mutual Limited and Halidon Asset Management.